Cantina di Montecchia di Crosara debuts “Montecletha”

The Cadis 1898 group has released the inaugural vintage of its first Lessini Durello Riserva Nature 60 Months, an elegant Classic Method produced in just 1,898 bottles Named “Montecletha,” this sparkling wine is intended as a tribute to the growing area that yields it: Montecchia di Crosara, northeast of Verona, where it is produced by the homonymous winecellar, a component facility of Cadis 1898. Enjoying the impetus from its success in the sparkling-wine world, Cadis 1898 continues to forge a future of “innovation building on tradition”, with Montecletha as simply the latest example in a portfolio focused on a denomination supremely important for this producer. An expression of the finest vineyards devoted to the Durella grape, Montecletha is a cuvée of lots that Cadis 1898 winemakers believe most suitable for a wine given a lengthy maturation: the wine rests for a full 5 years on the fine lees, and acquires intriguing depth and a well-balanced intensity. It is designated a Riserva Nature, since in addition to remaining sur lie for a minimum of 36 months, the residual sugar after disgorgement is less than 3 grammes/litre. The inaugural vintage is 2018. Joining Lessini Durello Brut “733” and Lessini Durello “Collineri” Riserva 36 Months, the new label enlarges the portfolio of the Cantina di Montecchia di Crosara, assuming the position of team star of a trinity that together represent the apex of the art of producing world-class sparklers. “We have a solid faith in the Durello denomination,” stated Cadis 1898 CEO Wolfgang Raifer, “and the launch of Montecletha is one more excellent example of that. It is important that large producers such as Cadis 1898 continue to offer such exceptional quality in their wines, even in a small denomination that, all things considered, can standup to the more famous ones in every respect. Our production this year of Montecletha is 1,898 bottles, the same number as our winery’s founding year, but we are hoping to double that next year.” Tasting notes: The wine matured in stainless steel up until it was bottled for tirage, during which it went through secondary fermentation sur lie for a full 60 months. It appears a gold-flecked straw yellow, with a slender, lengthy bead of pin-point bubbles. A dense, compact nose releases crisp notes of acacia and orange blossom, plus tropical fruit, candied citrus, and bergamot, all lifted by very stylish nuances of yeast. An appealing tautness in the mouth is smoothed by creamy, dense mousse on the mid-palate and a near-endless finish.