In vino veritas

Nel vino sta la verità, tutta la verità di un luogo

International wine & spirit competition

2018 Londra

"Best Italian producer of the year"

A shared dream

Viticulture has always been the result of many "small stories" made by people who have preserved the most ancient traditions, a mosaic composed of communities, valleys and hills, memories and cultures that history has consolidated over time.

In the great reality of the wine group CADIS 1898 every glass of wine is the fruit of a shared dream, of the passionate commitment of an entire team, of expertise carefully honed over the years


Denominations of the Verona area

For us, our local corner of earth is a precious treasure; that is the true wellspring of our dedication to developing and promoting appreciation of the native grapes of our area.

We are proud that our wines are the expression of the principal denominations of the Verona area: the great white, Soave; the Lessini Durello sparkling wine; and the jewels of Valpolicella’s, Garda, Custoza e Bardolino winemaking tradition. 


Wines of a land are not goods, but tales of life. Express the hills from which they originated, tell stories of men who have created them, generation after generation. 

A. Scienza


Thanks to its avant-garde system of quality selection, CADIS 1898 is able to differentiate winemaking levels and categories in order to answer the requirements of an increasingly demanding and complex marketplace, offering a broad portfolio of wines that range from those meant for everyday enjoyment to ambitious wines styled for the most discriminating restaurants, wine shops, and enotecas in Italy and abroad. 


To complete the exquisitely local wineries, the Cadis 1898 group produces and markets, with these brands, a wide range of Venetian wines, Charmat method sparkling wines and classic method with an international and cosmopolitan flavor.

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